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I'm an eco-geek/geeko and have created a blog to share my eco-friendly finds and ways of living etc. It's called ECO BOOST and it's over on Wordpress. Take a look if you have a few moments.


I also have a YouTube channel to run along side it, where I vlog about eco stuff... everything from zero waste livinge and choosing organic easter eggs to sustainable style and non-toxic make up. 


Stop on by and say "hi" 



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JULY 2015


I'm the new host of BBC America's YouTube channel: Anglophenia which explains all of our unique and often quirky British-isms to Americans. If you've ever wondered why Brits have seperate taps in the sink, say words like "bloody" or love a nice cuppa tea then check out Anglophenia.


Written and presented by me and filmed from London, Anglophenia is the perfect platform to have fun with British culture.


Enjoy and why not subscribe whilst you're taking a look?


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